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Individual Mental Health Therapist


I focus my work on helping others navigate through the world, working through stressful times, shedding past patterns, looking for growth opportunities, or searching for a more balanced life.

My areas of focus are trauma, anxiety, grief, behavioral issues, anger management, social skills, self-esteem, family dynamics, personal growth, high-stress environments, adoption, and medical patient/caregiver support.

My goal in sessions is for clients to feel self-aware, empowered, and grounded in who they are to better connect with the person they want to become. This therapeutic approach can help address anxiety symptoms, lack of identity, pressured performance, depression, and lack of communication skills.

I am committed to creating an environment for clients to feel safe and comfortable to open up about difficult topics. This safe space is where we can honor those feelings and experiences, gain a sense of acceptance, and work together to create a journey forward toward a purpose-filled path.

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You are important. The world needs you.
Your views, your creativity, your energy, your story matters.
Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning, a new chapter in your story.
No matter what has been written thus far or how old you are.:
Take the pen back and slowly start to build the next chapter.

This is your sign. Get in the driver's seat of your life!

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What To Expect

My goal in sessions is for clients to feel self-aware, empowered, and grounded in who they are to better connect with the person they want to become. This therapeutic approach can help address anxiety symptoms, lack of identity, pressured performance, depression, and lack of communication skills.

Clients have reported a new sense of self-understanding which can be motivating to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations. It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment. In the end, making small changes to self-defeating behavior and coping with feelings of sadness, fear, and pain can bring life-altering results.

Feel free to reach out via email, text or connect to start your journey.

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Psychological Services


The phone never stops pinging with notifications, the emails will always keep arriving, the mind continues to wander to consider the past or the future during the commute. Working in over five fortune 500 companies in the past 17 years providing organizational psychology and leadership development, I’ve learned that the hustle of entrepreneurs, the pressure of leadership, the drive of professional development and the suffocating efforts of being effective at work and home can be overwhelming. We can work together to develop a plan so that your actions are intentional, your mind is at peace and there is a sense of purpose and pride as you close your eyes to end the day. Come out from feeling trapped and let’s find your path to the life you have always wanted to live. As you restore your body, mind and soul things become more clear and time starts to slow down as you setup your day for success and your night for relaxation.


Child, Tween and Teen Services

It's important for our kiddos, tweens and teens to know how to be the best versions of themselves. Is your child or teen showing signs of anger, irritability, worries, sadness, increase/decrease of appetite, loss of sleep/ inability to sleep alone, withdrawal of interest in activities, sports, friends or sibling rivalry?


Our sessions include compassion, playfulness, and patience connecting together through activities and laughter as we learn and practice new techniques and perspectives.

I work with CHILDREN, TWEEN and TEENS, specializing in trauma and fostering successful family and peer relationships through empathy, resilience, and intrinsic motivation. I have worked within school systems as a therapist and as a teacher providing a different perspective and approach.

Parent Guidance

Many children benefit from integrating feedback from those in their path of influence.

While my work with PARENTS is child-focused, I provide training and support to parents, extended family members, teachers, physicians, and caregivers.

This team approach aids in understanding current roadblocks from different perspectives and helps adapt the focus of therapy.

Parent sessions are offered as needed as well as suggested every 4-6 weeks and are prescheduled as regular session rates with privacy (adults only).

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Workplace Stress

I worked in large fortune 500 corporations for 17 years leading Organizational Development Departments in change management, workplace anxiety, relationship struggles, personal growth and development, and balancing work/life realms.

In private practice, I continue working with CAREER-MINDED INDIVIDUALS and EXECUTIVES to help them navigate workplace issues, balance relationships, improve communication and productivity, and manage their stress and anxiety. We use our time together to acknowledge the current situation, uncover the different systems at play, address concerns or goals, and learn tools and techniques that allow for a brighter future.

I offer phone, and video sessions to support your lifestyle and schedule.

Young Adults/ Individual Services

I work with YOUNG ADULTS as they transition through college, start a job, and choose a life path. We work to develop the skills needed to build confidence, improve communication, identify emotions, create coping strategies, foster self-discipline, enhance relationships, and more.

In sessions together, we can explore all of the feelings that may come with growth and how you can find a way to regain a sense of independence and healthy control, how to advocate for yourself and others, how to express yourself and when to take time to rest… this time is yours to explore your identity free from pressure or judgment.


We offer a free 15-minute consultation, over the phone to see if we are the right fit for each other.

During our first therapy session, we get to know you, explore the nature of your problems and concerns and gather information about your medical, psychological, family, and relationship history. This information will help us assess the problem and guide the development of an appropriate treatment plan.

Therapy sessions are usually once a week for 50 minutes; this is your time each week to explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns and obstacles.

Regardless of how we meet, you will have our undivided attention so we can truly understand your experience and perspective and provide you with real-world options.

Rates: Please call for Therapy Rates. I am an Out-of-Network Provider. I provide automatic Superbills emailed to every client to submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement based on your plan. I am happy to help you with any insurance questions.

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CAMFT Member: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists 10002870

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