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How long is each therapy session ?

Therapy Sessions can be adjusted to fit each need from 30-90 minutes but on average each session is 50 minutes together.

How can I prepare before our first session?

Many times we can do a phone consultation to discuss what brings you to therapy and both confirm that this is the right fit together. Once a session is setup, we will send out an email with some short paperwork to get your setup, Please fill out the information prior to your session so we can review and prepare properly for our time together.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

For clients who are struggling financially, we do offer lower rates. We hold a few spots to accommodate for these needs and can work together to find the right fit.

What is a SuperBill?

A SuperBill is a term that insurance companies use where clients pay out of pocket and then submit the monthly invoice, provided by us, for the client to send to their insurance companies for possible out-of-network mental health reimbursement. It's important to reach out to your insurance company to see what they may provide in terms of out-of-network mental health reimbursement.

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